Bullard ISD Trustees release district’s goals list


The Bullard Independent School District Board of Trustees is looking towards the future for the district, as the Final Review of 2017 Goal Setting for Bullard ISD list was released during the February regular scheduled meeting, held Monday, Feb. 13.

“The list of district goals for Bullard ISD is a part of the superintendent’s evaluation,” said John Alexander, Bullard ISD Board of Trustees President. “The first two parts, which are Evaluation of Domains and Compensation for the Superintendent, are confidential, but we decided to make the third part, which is a list of the district’s goals, available to the public. The list of district goals is a direct result of board members working hard and attending several special meetings. We’re elected to serve our community and to bring our ideas and visions together. This is a very comprehensive roadmap for our district’s future.”

According to the Bullard ISD district goals obtained by Bullard Banner News, several of the goals listed by board members include direction of the curriculum, alternative education, centralizing human resources and personnel management, having a baseline attendance and graduation rate, an evaluation and review of the Bullard ISD athletic program, direction of the district’s career and technical education program, and direction of the district’s business and financial department.

Listed amongst the goals for the district’s curriculum are the hiring of a new innovative curriculum director, presentation to the board regarding an overview of alignment of Bullard ISD curriculum from Pre-Kindergarten through graduation, and improving achievement gap expectations based upon the Texas Academic Performance Report, which includes maintaining or increasing the top scoring subpopulations, closing gaps by 50 percent regarding other ethnic and economically disadvantaged subpopulations, and closing gaps by 25 percent in regards to special education subpopulations.

Also listed for curriculum direction is a presentation relating to the transition between sixth and seventh grades and how the transition affects reading and mathematical parameters for all subpopulations, as well as a cohort study tracking a graduating class from third grade to graduation.

Bullard ISD also has plans regarding alternative education, including developing a new alternative education academy campus and developing discipline and alternative education strategies, as well as hiring a new alternative education academy director and improving performance for identifiable at-risk students.

The district will look to make improvements in its management in human resources and personnel through the goals of hiring a new human resources director or delegating human resources and/or personnel responsibilities to a specific administrator, and improving recruitment of potential employees.

“having the need to centralize our human resources and personnel department just shows people how much the district is growing,” said Alexander. “Superintendents used to be the human resources department, but as we grow, there’s no doubt that we need a delegated person to be the head person.”

The goals set by the Bullard ISD Board of Trustees in regards to attendance and graduation rates are to have a 98 percent baseline attendance rate and a graduation rate of 100 percent.

“The baseline daily attendance is how we get money from the state,” said Alexander. “We also have a goal to have a 100 percent graduation rate each year, and we want to see Bullard ISD get as close to 100 percent, or even reach it, as we possibly can.”

Board members have also created goals for the Bullard ISD athletic department and athletic director, including having the athletic director become an active participant in regular board meetings, as well as a presentation to the board regarding the vision of the middle school and high school athletic programs and having the athletic director work with principals to develop a leadership class or program for all students on both the middle and high school campuses.

“We want to be able to see a comprehensive overview of our athletic department,” said Alexander. “Recently, the board voted to approve the creation of boys and girls soccer programs, so we want to have our athletic director in an active role and to show us the vision of the department.”

Bullard ISD also will look to achieve goals in its career and technical education classes, including hiring a new CTE director or delegate CTE responsibilities to a specific administrator, as well as develop or maintain a minimum of four to five Landmark Certification programs and a presentation outlining the CTE program and its vision.

“We’ve got a lot of CTE programs currently,” said Alexander, “but we want to be able to continue to put Bullard ISD on the map through our lighthouse programs throughout the state of Texas.”

Trustees have also set goals for the Bullard ISD business and financial department, including improving presentations to board members on potential expense items in relation to the district budget, developing schedules on yearly projections for equipment replacements, asset purchases, and facility improvements, developing and maintaining a “wish list” for board consideration, and allocating a separate fund in yearly budgets designated for capital expenses.

“As Bullard grows,” said Alexander, “we need to have schedules set up for our equipment and purchases so that the public knows what we have and what we have need of replacing or purchasing.”

Alexander said that through the Bullard ISD district goals, the future is bright for the district.

“It’s unquestionable that the future is bright for Bullard ISD,” said Alexander. “We’ve got a great administration team now and they’re excited as a team to have these goals in front of them. Superintendent Todd Schneider’s administration team has already enacted some of these goals as part of planning for each year. Some of these goals are in the process of being achieved. Our board wants Bullard ISD to be a lighthouse district in East Texas, which starts with the school board’s governance and oversight. I’m very proud of all seven board members for their hard work in setting these goals in place for our district.”