Bullard ISD opens online registration for 2017-2018 school year


Parents with children in Bullard Independent School District can now get a jump on next school year by registering their students online during Bullard ISD’s Online Registration event.

After conducting research with several other school districts, Bullard ISD Superintendent Todd Schneider said the online registration will allow the district to cut down on paperwork while providing a streamlined process for parents to turn in student paperwork for next year.

“Simply, it’s time,” said Schneider, when asked about the district switching to online registration. “It’s simpler and a more efficient way for parents to get paperwork done and information e need in a timely manner, which is the purpose of technology. It’ll be a challenge and there will be hiccups in the transition, but once we get this system up and running and parents get used to it, it will be an efficient and effective way to get students enrolled and reduce the amount of paperwork we have during the summer and at the beginning of the year.”

According to information provided to Bullard Banner News by Bullard ISD, the process of online registration has to be completed before class assignments will be made for students.

In order to register students parents can www.bullardisd.net, then hover the mouse over “BISD Logins,” and click on “Gradebook,” which will pull up the Skyward login screen. Afterwards, locate the “Family Access Page” and click on the name of the student. If parents have more than one student in Bullard ISD schools for the 2017-2018 school year, they can register their children one at a time.

Forms able to be filled out electronically through the Bullard ISD Online Registration include student information such as student information, family address, emergency information, emergency contacts, and health information; ethnicity/race; military connection; foster care; food allergy; student residency questionnaire; family survey; AUP; and partnership pledge. All forms must be electronically signed and dated before being submitted.

At the end of the registration, a page will show what steps have or have not been completed. If all show “completed,” parents can click on the “Submit Returning Student Enrollment for 2017-18” button at the bottom of the page. If one or more steps require additional information, click on the appropriate step, make the editor or corrections, and complete the submission process.

“Ideally, our goal is to have returning students have their registration done and taken care of so they don’t have to worry about it when they come back,” said Schneider. “The online registration process helps us to plan for the upcoming school year as we get our master schedule together and assign teachers and students to classes for next school year.”

According to Bullard ISD Communications Specialist Laura Jones, parents of all returning students not completing the online registration for the 2017-2018 school year will be given the normal school registration paperwork to fill out by hand when the new school year begins.

Online registration for the Bullard ISD 2017-2018 school year is available until Friday, May 26. To accommodate the new registration transition, Bullard ISD will hold several registration events at schools across the district including Bullard Early Childhood on Monday, May 15; Bullard Primary School on Tuesday, May 16; Bullard Elementary School on Wednesday, May 17; Bullard Intermediate School on Thursday, May 18; Bullard Middle School on Monday, May 22; and Bullard High School on Tuesday, May 23. Parents may attend any Bullard ISD online registration event, no matter what campus their child attends.

“It’s important for the parents who are concerned, worried, or may have anxiety about what the new process will be like for them to have a place to go and make sure they are filling out the paperwork correctly,” said Schneider. “We’re trying to offer opportunities for help through these events. A lot of our parents who are technologically proficient will be able to register their children online at the house and have no problem. However, if anyone has any questions, we will be able to help them at these events.”

For more information about the Bullard ISD online registration for the 2017-2018 school year, contact the Bullard ISD Administration office at (903) 894-9306.


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