2012-08-22 / School News

Brook Hill students get back to class after 're-orientation' exercises

The Brook Hill School was off to a great start this week with its middle and high school “Re-orientation” program.

The re-orientation theme played out spiritually, socially, and with their schoolwork. Each morning, students met for daily chapel and one introductory class for each subject, and then the afternoon was filled with campus life activities. Students spent their afternoon hanging out with friends in the newly refurbished student center, playing interactive games in the gym, being reminded about important or new policies in the library, and trying to stump their teachers with games like “Are You Smarter Than A Brook Hill Student” in the commons.

The spiritual idea of re-orientation also played out in the chapel messages. On Wednesday, Headmaster Rod Fletcher challenged students to forget the motto “YOLO” (You Only Live Once) and remember that in reality “YOLF” (You Only Live Forever). Campus Life Associate Travis Albea reminded students that although they may have heard the Gospel message before, it is still a life-changing message.

Brook Hill students were back at school last week. Brook Hill students were back at school last week. On Friday, Director of Campus Life and Ministry reminded students that freedom is not just the ability to do whatever you want; genuine freedom is the ability to do the right things.

The response from students and faculty was positive. Sixth grade students are sometimes overwhelmed by the new schedules and social issues of middle school, but this year students came home excited about school. One high school student commented that he likes getting to learn who the teachers were as people before beginning the projects and homework of a typical school day.

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